How to choose a stove?

A stove is the most necessary and important thing in the kitchen: without it you cannot cook delicious homemade food and pastries. Women are able to spend more time cooking, than menwatching TV! With a stove cooking won’t be a burden for you, and the cooker can prepare any culinary masterpiece which you have in mind.

Stoves consist of a cooktop and oven. An alternative to a stove is a separate cooking surface and a built-in oven. With the help of a stove you can heat, boil water, bake and simmer. The main noteworthy feature is the type of energy used (gas or electricity). Other characteristics: type of burners, an option of self-cleaning or manual cleaning, convection baking, and additional features. Our cooktop buying guide will help you to make a choice.

how to choose a stove

Here are the questions you must answer before buying a stove:

  • How much money are you going to spend on a stove?
  • Do you want a gas or electric stove?
  • What type of burners would you like a stove to have?

The price band.Prices range from $ 350 for a simple electric stove of a spiral type with manual oven cleaning, to $2,000 and more for a stove of stainless steel with convection heating.

The size

The standard width of a stove is 76 cm, but more expensive models can reach a width of 91 cm or more. The volume of the oven is typically 140 liters, whereas the volume of a built-in oven usually is 84 liters.

The design

Stoves are divided into free-standing and integrated ones. The most common type isa freestanding stove. They can be installed in any part of the kitchen, with the proviso that the plate is decorated on all sides. Built-in models, on the other hand, have only the front side decorated.

built-in stove

The ignition type

Often people choose a new cooker just looking at the old one they had before and don’t know how to choose a stove. Those who are already using a gas stove are likely to buy a gas stove. And those who used an electric cooker, are unlikely to spend extra moneyon building a gas pipeline for the gas stove.


If you already have a gas pipeline, you can take advantage of both gas and electric stoves. Gas-electric cookers combine power and speed of the gas cooking surface with precision and stability of the electric oven.


The oven with self-cleaning or manual cleaning. As you have chosen the type of energy your new stove must use, now you are to choose the type of the oven. Ask yourself whether you are willing to pay the extra $ 300 for the opportunity to save some  time, which will be spent later on manual cleaning of the oven, or not. It should be done just several times a year. Most buyers easily answer “yes”, because it’s not really worth spending extra money.

The type of burners

Cheapest stoves require more time and effort to keep them clean. Electric burners of the spiral type are very difficult to clean. Spending extra $ 150, you can buy an electric stove with a glass top, which is very easy to clean. The leading positions are occupied by modern induction burners that heat up quickly, use less electricity and are easy to clean. The disadvantage is that such plates cost about $ 1,500.

Gas and electric burners (right)

Gas and electric burners (right)

The number and the power consumption of burners

The more a model costs, the more comfortable and functional it is. Supplementary costsmean more options. Powerful gas or electric cookers with good burner will cost $ 100-200 more than the basic models. In mid-priced models you may find five burners. The additional one is usually a mini-burner with a small power supply (to maintain low temperature) or an additional burner located between two main burners to help warm up the dishes of large diameter.



Another decision that must be made when buying a plate is whether you want to spend another $ 200 on the convection heating, or not. Convection involves an internal fan in order to provide uniform heating. It is believed that it improves the heat distribution in the oven and reduces cooking time. Expensive models are equipped with an additional heating element located around the fan.

Additional functions

Some additional features make the process of cooking much easier. You need to decide what features are important to you. The more expensive the stove is, the brighter is the interior lighting. In addition, they are equipped with temperature sensors that inform about the end of the cooking process.

Control and options

Simple stoves are equipped with standard controllers and timers, while expensive models use digital technology defining the cooking algorithms. You can set the time when the cooker will start cooking, as well as temperature maintenance mode. These functions will appeal to people who want to come home after a long day of work and be ready to get dinner right out of the oven. Another function provides a smooth heat for dough. In such stoves there are many different modes of baking, but such stoves costmore than $900.

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