How to choose a microwave stove? Buying guide

Microwave oven is a household appliance that designed for fast cooking or heating, as well as for defrosting food. Such a device has a feature: microwaves pass through the food into a depth of 2 cm, so it heats not only the surface of the food but in deep too.

choosing a microwave

What a microwave oven is better to choose?

The volume of the chamber – is the main criterion of choose. There are three types:

  1. Small. These microwave ovens have chambers with roominess about 19 liters. They can easy warm up meals of defrost the food.
  2. The average size chamber of a stove offers the volume about 20-25 liters. Such a device fits for families with 3-4 members. Many of these microwave ovens are equipped with a grill, allowing to cook dishes with fragrant and golden brown.
  3. Large volume devices with 26-32 liters capacity. Perfect for a large family. Often this type of an oven may be equipped with special bars. There is convection and grill also.

Power of a microwave

Power is determined on the basis of two elements – the power of the device (energy consumption), microwave and grill. Each oven has a power control for the preparation of various types of products.

The larger chamber volume, the higher microwaves power consumption.

“Solo” microwave stove

The usual “solo” devise uses only microwave emitting for cooking. The models differ in microwaves power. The more powerful stove, the higher speed of heating and cooking.


Recently we have wrote about convectional microwaves ovens. Such a device is perfect not only for heating, but for baking and preparing meat. The feature is the fan mounted on the rear panel. It contributes for evenly baking.

convection in microwaves

Convection mode can be combined with microwaves. It speeds up the cooking and preserves the natural taste and appearance of meals, including vitamins.


Vegetables, fish, and meat can be cooked with grill mode. Crispy and golden brown guaranteed. Choosing a microwave with grill you must know: there are different types of grill.

  1. Quartz. In the ceiling of a stove quartz lamp is mounted that heats meals for a short period of time.
  2. TANS grill is a tube with a heating element inside, placed in the upper part of the chamber. Many furnaces are equipped with “mobile” element (TAN). It can be set vertically or at an angle. Chamber of the microwave stove with such grill is easy and convenient to clean. In addition to the upper grill element there is another one mounted at the bottom. But not all devices have two TANs, most of them limited to only one.
  3. Carbon grill type. “Carbon ” microwave uses heating halogen and carbon heater for cooking. It reduces cooking time and gives a new taste to dishes. The carbon heater located in the upper part of the microwave oven, together with quartz heating element. The core of carbon fiber is placed in an insulating tube, filled with an inert gas or vacuum. When heating carbon fiber generates heat, radiation power and wavelength of which can be comparable with the usual fire. The heat penetrates deep into the food, preserving juiciness and useful quality.

grill in mocrowaves

Microwave control

There are three types of control:

  1. Mechanical – reliable and easy. Turn the two knobs and the oven will start working. One knob sets the power, and the second – the preparing time. This type is perfect for the elderly or children;
  2. Button type is more difficult to use. Preparing time can be selected depending on meals weight. User can just select the type of the product and its weight, and the microwave will do the rest of the work.
  3. Devices with touchpad have the same functions.

Stove inside

The taste of cooked products depends on its interior furnish. There are two types of furnish:

  1. Enamel coating: a popular type of furnish. It’s easy to keep clean;
  2. Ceramic Coating: a strong, difficult to scratch. Drops of fat running down on the walls, are easy to remove with the usual kitchen sponge;
  3. Stainless steel: it looks elegant, durable. Resistant to temperature changes. That is why this furnish is used inside ovens with grill and convection. It is more difficult to keep clean.

Functions of the microwave

  • Defrost mode. You can quickly defrost the necessary products. Some models have auto-defrost: oven selects the power mode and determines the warm-up time;
  • Auto cooking. user just selects the product type and its weight, and the microwave will install mode, power, time;
  • Automatic heating. This function is no different from the previous one. Specify that you want to reheat the dish, determine the type of product and its weight. This mode includes a “soup”, “Drink” and so on;
  • Quick cooking. It provides the preparation of products in a short time. Heat the dish, you can in only 30 seconds with a strong power;
  • Steam cleaning. This feature can easy remove coating fat and leftover food with steam.
  • Remove odors. It removes food odors after cooking;
  • Steam sensor. Products are prepared with steam at a temperature of 100 degrees. Enough to set up the kind of products and click “start”;
  • Sound signal. Notifies that cooking, defrosting and heating is over;
  • Keeping in warm condition. Automatic temperature sustentation.

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