How to choose a dryer?

The dryer is a device, which could make your life truly more comfortable. If some people think that today they still need to wait during the long period of time while the clothes would dry, well, they are absolutely wrong! The good dryer could dry your clothes truly well and fast! If you still not use this thing, maybe you should at least consider purchase of dryer, because it could change your everyday life!

Maybe this changing will not be truly strong, but if you would care about the little things in your life, if you would pay attention at the details, you will probably have truly more free time, than before. And it is so significant! At least, therefore the purchase of dryer could be truly good solution. But how to choose the appropriate one?

how to choose a dryer

Well, what to look for in a dryer while buying? You should consider some important things such as size of a dryer, its cylinder, system of purification from damp, programs of drying, additional functions, advantages. If you would keep in mind all of these things, you will probably find truly appropriate and wonderful dryer.


The size is very important parameter. You should remember that usually dryers have a size as a size of washing machines. So, you should consider, where you want to place a dryer. You should also investigate, is it enough place in your home for such device. Some homes could be too small for such thing. Well, while you will think about the place for a dryer, you should consider the place for it near to the washing machine.

nice solution: to install a dryer above a washing machine

nice solution: to install a dryer above a washing machine

This place could be good, because you could put a linen immediately from the washing machine to a dryer. It could save your time and your forces, which could be enough important for some people. Try to imagine, how comfortable it could be… But you should also consider the all consequences of such solution. Maybe you like the visual space, and the washing machine near to the dryer could truly decrease it…

About cylinder

dryers cylinder

The size of the cylinder of dryer depends from the size of a dryer. You should remember it. Which volume of cylinder is more appropriate? Actually, such volume should not be less than 100 liters. You should remember that the cylinder must not be full of clothes. You should let some free space.

The free space is important, because it lets the air to circulate. The covering of the cylinder is very important. The inside surface of cylinder must be from the durable material. It’s usually is a non-corrosive steel. Many manufacturers now start to use for this material Dura-Finish, which is good enough.

System of purification from damp

This system is significant parameter. You should know that there are two types of such systems. First type is forced ventilation. In such case the air should go out from the room. Second type is continuous circulation. This type is used in the dryers of condensation type.

Independently from the tope of the system of purification from damp, the damp air must go through the special filter for catching dust. This filter collects trash, hairs, finge on its surface. Such filter must be easy accessible for cleaning.

Programs of drying

Programs of drying

The programs of dryers could be truly helpful for many people! If you would choose the right program, you will probably have a result, which will impress you and which will be absolutely enough for you. Today manufacturers of dryers offer many regimes of drying the linen. You should learn all of the regimes of the dryer before the purchase.

Additional functions

Some additional functions of the modern dryers could be really helpful. The blocking of panel is necessary, if the children live in the house. The kids couldn’t change the regime of drying or abolish it. Also, if the children live in your house, you should keep in mind that dryers could have some special system of door’s working. If the door will be opened completely, the dryer will not continue working without additional command.

You should investigate, which additional functions has a model, which you want to purchase. Maybe, it’s not the best variant that is possible… You should not neglect such parameter, because some of such functions could be really important and even necessary.


There are many advantages of dryers! Well, maybe, they are not necessary today for many people. But they probably could make the everyday life of many people really more comfortable.

Actually, a dryer is not just drying the linen. Also, it iron the linen, which could be really comfortable for some people. At least, people, which don’t like to iron, will probably like such function. Maybe, for some people it could be even a reason for purchase a dryer.

Also, the dryers could refresh the clothes. If you have not a balcony, it’s especially actual. The linen after drying becomes soft. Now there are some washing-drying machines. Well, actually, some good manufacturers consider that it’s still impossible to create a washing-drying machine with truly high quality. So, you should probably think twice, if you want to purchase such machine It’s probably more rational variant to buy good washing machine and good dryer.

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