How to brew a coffee with different types of coffee makers?

We recently wrote about choosing a coffee maker, but today we’ll talk about how to make coffe with coffy maker. Let’s see how to use the coffee maker to get rich fragrant coffee and cook other delicious coffee drinks.

There are several types of devices that differ from each other in brewing process. Each coffee maker involves human intervention in its work. You will definitely need to buy ground coffee or grind it yourself, put it into the filter, pour the water, and sometimes clean the filter.

Cooking with geyser (stove) coffee maker

This device was invented almost two hundred years ago in England, and since that time it is very popular in some European countries.

stove coffee maker

The principle of geyser coffee maker working is simple: the water boils and rises up through the tube, where it brews milled grains. The unit is divided into three main parts:

  1. The lower part for the water;
  2. Average part for coffee;
  3. Top part for ready-to-drink beverage.

Geyser coffee maker is inexpensive compared to some other species and is it very easy to use: you just need to pour water into the lower part (not above the mark) and then put grind coffee to the filter.

Press milled grain with the mesh, install the upper part on the bottom and fix them. Then place the device on a gas or electric stove and wait until boiling. Don’t open the top cover during brewing because you can get burned. The drink will be ready in next 5-7 minutes and it can be drained into a cup.

Coffee prepared in a geyser coffee maker sometimes called Italian, because this method of brewing is often used in Italy.

Geyser coffee needs to be cleaned after each use. Coffee cake should be thrown into a trash, and the device need to be washed with soda or detergent for coffee machines.

Brewing Coffee with drip coffee makers

Now consider a very common kind of coffee machines – drip coffee makers. This is perhaps the easiest-to-use devices that can be turned on even if you are sleepy.

Drip coffee maker

The process of brewing is quite simple:

  1. pour water into a receptacle, which is located on top;
  2. put coffee into the filter. The filter is located next to the water tank.
  3. press the power button and wait while the ready to drink beverage will pours to the pot.

The principle of brewing is simple too: the water boils and gradually penetrates into the filter, it brews coffee and then flows down into the pot. If add some spices to the milled grains, it is possible to cook beverages with unique flavor and taste. Tea and herbs can be brewed there too.

Drip coffee makers are often provided with additional functions such as the pot heating with the or regulation of coffee strength.

Brewing with horn coffee makers

Great opportunities for coffee lovers opens horn coffee maker, and now we will briefly describe how to use this device.

It received its name due to the special cup-horn with a long handle, in which coffee is put. It works like a drip coffemaker, using an electricity. User just put the ground coffee into a horn and tamp it, than inserts the horn into the coffeemakers nest a turn-on the device.

The water must be pre-filled into the boiler and heated. Within 1-2 minutes hot aromatic coffee with foam will pour into the cup.

Horn coffee maker can be used for the cooking such drinks as o latte or cappuccino, because it can shake up the milk and make a foam. Many modern models  are equipped with this feature.

As this device perfectly prepares espresso, it is often called espresso coffee maker. The brewing process carried with hot steam that supplied to the filter under the pressure. The higher the pressure, the better the device is considered. Preference is also given to the metal horn, because the coffee is better warmed in it.

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