How much power does your refrigerator need?

If you have many devices, which take a lot of electricity, you probably already meet the problem of big bills for electricity. If your budget is not very big, such bills could be a trouble. Well, maybe it will not be very serious trouble, but it could become unpleasant addition to other more or less big expenditures.

How much energy fridge consumes? Such information could be important for many people. Today it’s accepted to consider that each third brought kilowatt of energy is spent for expenditures of refrigerator. So, the power consumption of a refrigerator is a really big part among other expenditures of electricity.

power consuption of a fridge

Classes of electricity’s consumption

Today the scientific community bring in concept “Class”. It lets to determine, which expenditures of energy will be executed by one or another device. For example, there are “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F” and “G” parameters (with little refinements), which are used as generally accepted. If you need to know necessary numbers, you could ask/see required information while purchase or on the reverse side of the device.

The modern definitions consist in the next numbers:

  • Class “A++” and its percentage index: “less 30%”;
  • Class “A+” and its percentage index: “30-42%”;
  • Class “A” and its percentage index: “42-55%”;
  • Class “B” and its percentage index: “55-75%”;
  • Class “C” and its percentage index: “75-90%”;
  • Class “D” and its percentage index: “90-100%”;
  • Class “E” and its percentage index: “100-110%”;
  • Class “F” and its percentage index: “110-125%”.

Letters “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F” and “G” are adjusted world standards, which “work” in the all countries. In such case percent denotes the proportion of power consumption of the refrigerator to the standard. If you decided to purchase one or another refrigerator abroad, you should necessarily look, which sizes are indicated on the packing, because you could make sure by such way about approximate indexes of power consumption.

The table of power consumption’s classes of refrigerator, showed above, will let you to not worry that the expenditures for electricity will become too big. Even if the device will work with maximum power, you will not have some troubles with your money. The modern systems are equipped by the energy-efficient regimes, so you always could adjust necessary parameters and make the work of device truly more profitable.

Today there are such systems of classes as “G”. The readouts of this size are since 125%. Such refrigerators will consume much energy, so they will require much money. You should think twice before the purchase, if you noticed this class on the packing, because it could be truly hard to economize with such device.

It’s necessarily to notice that technical passport of device must contain the all necessary information about the power consumption of a fridge. If you need to know the exact numbers of power consumption, just look at the documents with required indexes.

About the influence of the air’s temperature

The index of temperature of the environment is one of main criteria of count the necessary consumption by device. Not long ago some instrumentation and experiments gave the clear understanding that the decreasing of temperature to 16-17ºC lead to the decreasing of general consumption and “load” on finances approximately on 50% or in 1.5 times. If the fridge is located in the environment, where the temperature of air is 30ºC, the power consumption will be on 100% bigger, then during the exploitation in the usual conditions.

In general, the refrigerator’s power consumption in a month will depend on many factors:

  • The number of the lost cold because of poor isolation and opening/closing the door
  • The temperature of the environment (as bigger this temperature as bigger expenditures of energy)
  • Declared percents and classes (“A-B-C” – more or less economical, class “G” – not)

Power consumption is very important parameter…

Some people don’t consider seriously the power consumption of one or another device while choosing. They often look firstly at the price and brand. Well, the brand could be really important, so it’s probably right to look first at it. But the price is… Well, of cause, the price of device is important thing, but it’s not more important, than power consumption.

Just imagine: you buy some device with a really cheap price and truly beautiful brand. Well, this device could work truly wonderful and long. But the power consumption of such device could be so big that you will spend in future a lot of money. If you will count sometimes the all expenditures for this device, you could make the conclusion that this purchase was not successful and rational. Sometimes it’s better to purchase the more expensive device, which needs less energy, than cheaper devices.

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