How much does it cost to wash in the washing machine?

If you want to know how much money you should spent to wash the clothes in the washer, you should use a simple formula.


We need to know only 3 variables: the energy consumption per hour of the device (recently we wrote about energy consumption of household appliances), the water usage per cycle, the amount of laundry powder needed for washing.

  1. First of all look at the technical documentation and find there the power of the washer. Multiply it by time that a program needed to wash clothes (each program needs different time). In such a way we’ll get a power usage. Multiply it by a cost of a kW/hour. This is the variable number one. In average 2 kW is consumed per cycle.
  2. In the technical documentation we can also know, how much water uses your washer. In average it is about 50 liters. According to your tariff you can determine the cost of consumption of such amount of water. This is the second variable.
  3. Then we find how much powder is used per cycle and calculate its cost. The third variable.

Now we need to sum up all variables, and so we’ll get the average cost of washing machine cycle.

It can be specified. In documentation you can find the working time to failure. For example, your washing machine at the cost of 500 dollars can run for 10 years. On average, it runs, for example, twice per week. We can now calculate the depreciation of the machine according to the formula:

The price is divided by the expected number of years of work, and the results – by the number of washes per year on the average.

The resulting fourth variable is added to the sum of the first three variables, and it gives the desired wash full price.

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