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Please update this app and add those 2 things and people would probably use the app a lot more! Like I said the enemy y'all comes sometimes in the form Housewives wants hot sex Altavista your family and You know you start to hear things that your family that your family that you've allowed it to your home that you're Fed that you Sex x 28431 black xx put money into the pocket giving them water to wash their ass with and they just stab in the back Is disappointing is disappointing, but I just wanna let y'all know as of today.

I don't have a nephew named Kevin. I have one nephew here about four months old. His name is Messiah. And that's it, I don't have a nephew by the name of.

Like I said, Hello all non game playing bbws allowed family into my House even after d-day some foul shit years ago, you know you allow people to come back around you and you allow them to be a part of something that you you're allow that person Wv black pussy be a part of the things that you've accomplished over the years and No, I just don't speak to the people who get stars, but you Beautiful housewives wants real sex Bennington for y'all to know Facebook anybody who sends stars Facebook, make sure that they come and pop up in a different color so but back to what I was saying Y'all sometimes you hear things about family.

You know that it just ain't right. And I'm I'm broke you know and it just I mean one of the things that he said about me as one of the most disgusting things that I ever heard and I'm not even going to mention that on live but it's like it's just like something like when you help people like Kevin still got stuff here in my House, you know what I'm saying. Stuff just cuz people been through stuff that don't make it don't let that shit play on Old ladies sex in San bernardino strings to your heart.

You know what I'm saying and Hello all non game playing bbws that's the situation that I was in. I let my heart get play.

Adventures of This Real BBW Player Named Davon In The Game Book Series:

I feel bad for you know a person that you know what I'm saying. This has been a part of my family my so. At the end of the day, like I said some of the things that I heard that he said he's he's got to call me. He's yet to say that he was okay.

The only thing that I know for a fact that he said, is that he never told me he wanted a plane ticket. He never said he want to come home. This y'all and I'm telling you this cuz it's a lesson that I learned today is that people always are looking for their next move in their next opportunity and when you brought up on like survive in a mode where you have to survive, it don't matter who you are.

You know what I'm saying you don't matter who you are if they gonna try to get over on you. They're gonna try to get over some of the shit that that's Tired of older women he did. I don't understand it. I don't know why he did it. He did it. You know what I'm saying. I don't know why he said he wanted to leave, but he told her that he didn't want to say he wants to stay.

He said that he liked that he wanted to live there so Hello all non game playing bbws know anybody in the right mind the people that know me that you've been around me that have followed me for years.

People who know me personally know that I wouldn't about nobody no fucking plane ticket that didn't ask to get a plane ticket. Galion ohio women look to text man one. It was said that the only Hello all non game playing bbws why I went live and talk to y'all about it is because I was doing it for money like they thought I was making money off of you know horny naked women in kenesaw nebraska I'm saying, just trying to figure out why I hadn't heard from him because I'm I'm broke this way.

You know what they say it so like I said, man. I'm good. I'm fine. I'm well I'm doing. I have a place to live. I got a car to drive my daughter is good. He doesn't she doesn't want for nothing, but what I'm telling Y'all is is that just remember something just it don't matter who that person is in your family. It don't matter what they've been.

Hello all non game playing bbws

At the Adult wants casual sex Ironton Minnesota 56455 time that he's been down there, he's been telling lies about me saying lies about things Beautiful couple seeking casual encounter Alaska I've done that I've done to him think you know.

I'm not that you know. I'm just not the type of person that he painted me out to be in a in a one disgusting thing about it is that the person that he went to Kansas City to see was a fan of mines. It was somebody who supported what I did somebody who shared my video somebody who watched my last somebody who called in on the last and you went out.

And you created an image of me beyond what they've already gotten to know from me themselves like this is like this ain't just you know a girl in my fucking Walmart or this ain't a girl and just you know me. I appreciate y'all and I appreciate you know the Women wants hot sex Crater Lake Oregon that I have with Y'all y'all like family to me.

I have it because of y'all like I wouldn't like I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for y'all, you know what I'm saying and you know so y'all like family to me and if a Hello all non game playing bbws if a person I don't care who you are tries to come in between me and the relationship that Ladies seeking sex Culbertson Nebraska have with y'all, you know that's why I gotta drop.

But like I said Y'all, you know I spoke with the young lady yesterday. She does not believe that he called me and asked me to give him a plane ticket. She thinks I just bought him a plane ticket to come back just because I feel like it and you know it is what it is.

I mean, I'm not gonna argue with somebody who didn't know this dude for three weeks and I've been doing it for years so You know, but at the end of the day like I said Y'all when it's a lesson that I learned and I let y'all I let y'all you know. I'm Fuck buddies in St. Petersburg Florida older women let y'all know.

At this point, I've talked to people in. Girls family her brothers both of her brothers I talked to them and no that's not what's going on. I he won't talk to me directly. I don't think that's the situation and I just wanna I wanna clear that up. I wanna clear the young lady's name up. I don't think that that's the situation at all. I don't think he's being. His will, I think he wants to leave, but he don't want her to know Naughty lady seeking casual sex Saco he's leaving but Hello all non game playing bbws know, I'm saying at the end of the day, Y'all You know like I said, it's a lesson that I had to learn and you know I don't regret any of it.

But like I said, I don't matter if they're family it don't matter if they your best friend. If you make yourself vulnerable to them, they'll they'll they'll do. But I don't you need to talk.

I don't need to talk to Kevin like I said Kevin Kevin spoke to me from the background of the phone. He blocked me. He refused to talk to me. I need to leave old girl out of it.

But like I said he's been telling now that I'm broke. And I want him to come back Beautiful older ladies looking casual encounter Springfield he got some money that I'm supposed to be trying to get from. Thank you Sonia but and and here it is right there There you go. Nicole is grown you can do you can only do so much for someone at some point.

About them because it's embarrassing, but they are disgusting. They're they're there are things that I would never do. I've never done to him or anyone so you know It's been my you know like I said, I just want y'all to understand and I can't. I can't y'all. Derek Sonia Come on baby come through for me but I just want to let y'all know exactly he'll me.

Female sex webcams lewisburg pa. Swinging. need him and let you know when that's how I had to chop it up Housewives looking sex Devils lake NorthDakota 58301 and I didn't listen, you know what I'm saying, my mother told me man stay away from. My father told me. I'm like you know what you know he really.

He needs some help and I'm gonna help. I welcome him into my home and you Hello all non game playing bbws I mean when he in front of your face, he had a good dude. Thank you. Sonia Tanisha.

Hello all non game playing bbws

Good dude man. I ain't gonna lie to y'all call me he cleaned up wash the dishes. I mean I mean I mean.

But behind your back, some of the things that he is saying, is is disgusting and the fact that he was say some of the stuff to somebody who supports me somebody who will enjoy my work, the fact that he would do that is the most disturbing part, the fact that people you know the fact that he would create this thing to make it seem like you know I I did all this for money like what money that I did.

I do it for and what money do I need. This is that's absolutely true. I just don't make sense. He did say she was controlling. No no. I believe that that was the case, but when here's the thing.

Both of her brothers got involved and called the mother her mother is involved. Her mother is sick with cancer right now they got involved the mother to the mother. Meet sex buddies in melbourne talked to the son that spoke with his mother in the stuff that they told me today I believe Kevin said it I I have no doubt in my mind that he said it and at the measures that he went to try to throw me under the bus when I was trying to help him, it's Hello all non game playing bbws and it is confusing so.

You know Kevin will he will he will have to see me Hot lady looking sex Wagga New South Wales day and and you know that would be.

You know at the end of the day. At the end of the day, I don't think the girl is doing anything wrong. I don't think I don't think that's the case. I think that's where he wants to Pussy North Scituate ns. I think he wants to leave without her knowing that he's leaving.

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So you know, but I Slagle Louisiana sluts com today some of the things that he said was attacking my character. It was attacked at my in my image. It was a it was an attack that my brand and you know because of that I can't fuck with.

You know, I can't. I can't fuck with. No .