Gas vs electric stove vs oven

Everyone is aware of the fact that a stove is the most important part of any kitchen. It helpsevery housewife make everyday dinners and feasts for family and guests. Now you can find different models of stoves that are available. There are advantages of both gas and electric stoves, and the ultimate choice comes down to the purpose of your stove. Do you cook often? What do you usually cook? Do you use an oven?

Gas and electric burners (right)

Gas and electric burners (right)

There are many opinions about the “electric vs gas stove” theme. And it’s not that easy to answer that question, because every type of a stove has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We’re going to talk about gas stoves first, because that’s the type that appeared earlier.

Pros of gas stoves

The price. Typically, the cost of gas stoves in retail stores is ten percent or twenty less than electric ones. Of course, if we compare stoves of the same manufacturer and type.

Comfort of cooking. Many people who had used both electric and gas stoves could say that it’s easier to adjust the temperature when cooking and working with it is much more convenient.

gas stove

Speed of cooking. Due to the fact that gas cooking is practically cooking over an open fire, it takes less time because open flame temperature is higher than the temperature of the electric heating element.

Fuel Source: Gas stovesconsume either propane or natural gas, both of which are quite cheap and clean burning. You save money in the long run by using gas rather than electricity to cook your food.

Cons of gas stoves

It’s less safe. I hope no one would argue that gas stoves are much more dangerous to human life and health than electric ones. Even a small gas leak due to the incorrect connection of the gas stove can lead to a tragedy.

It’s hard to control the oven. One of the most important parts of any kitchen is the oven. Considering that in the electric oven you can control every degree, the gas oven does not make it possible to maintain the desired temperature.

High level of dinginess. The fact is that in a domestic environment we have to use not pure gas, but the gas with special additives. This gas when burning leaves on the objects, located near the burners, specific fatty plaque that resembles wax. Washing such a plaque away is usually extremely difficult. Even filters installed on the kitchen hood when using a gas stove, should be changed more frequently than in the electric one.

Now it’s time to go on speaking about advantages of electric stoves:

The cost. It has been already mentioned that the priceof the electric cookersin home appliance stores is higher than of gas ones.

The disadvantage of the cooking surface

If we were discussing this point even 5-10 years ago, it could be said that the temperature control of the electric heating element is less flexible than of the gas burners. However, this disadvantage is more applicable for stoves with cast-iron electric elements, which have recently been increasingly giving way to the stoves with the glass ceramic surfaces. These cookers already allow greater flexibility in order to adjust the temperature of the heating surface and displace this drawback, making arguments about “gas or electric cooktop?” pointless.

Dependence on electricity supply. In fact, if your stove runs on AC power,when some power failure in the house appears, you cannot even make tea. It’s very important in rural areas, where black-outs are not such rare phenomena in our country.

Here is an approximate list of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of plates, which creates a long-standing question: what stove is better: an electric or gas one. As you can see, choosing some type of stoveyou see its benefits, but you also have to put up with its disadvantages. That’s why manufacturers seek to meet the needs of their customers. They do not only produce just gas or electric stoves, but also all kinds of their combinations.

Such kind of stove, combining qualities of both previous types, is called the combined one.

There are some variations of them:

  • Gas cooking surface + electric oven
  • 3 gas burners + 1 gas burner + electric oven
  • 2 gas burners + 2 electric burners + electric oven

It is better to choose those model, what you’re most comfortable with.

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