Front or top loader washer: which is best?

If you have decided to buy a new washing machine the first thought that is going to appear in your mind will be: which washing machine to prefer. It is a life-long dilemma: front load washer vs top load washer.

Several years ago front-loading washers were extremely popular. But nowadays you can find such kind of washers in quite conservative houses. The reason for that is that the manufacturers have offered a broader variety of front-loading washing machines.

Top loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine

Speaking about top-loading washers we must admit that they are more traditional. They do their job quite well if to compare it with the washing drums and rollers of previous modifications.

The tub is situated vertically in the washing machine, its agitator is in the middle: it helps water to be mixed with the clothes and it makes water go through the items.

This agitator also helps to drain and refill the tub with fresh water. Front-loading machine is working according to the same initial principle but it possesses many advantages in front of top-loading washing machines.

Front loader washer in the kitchen

Front loader washer in the kitchen

The greatest advantage of front-loading machines is their energy efficiency and environmental awareness. All the modifications of front-loading washing machines have the label of American Department of Energy which is called Energy Star.

Differences between front-loaders and top-loaders



Top-loading washing machines require too much water in order to cover all the items inside of its drum. Front-loaders, vice versa, need only the third part of water. Why is it so? – You may ask. The reason for such economy of water is the position of the washing drum: it is situated horizontally. When the drum turns, it starts using gravity in order to drop the clothes into the water. Top-loaders in this case will get rid of dirty water with soap, then refill the drum for another agitation circle. It is not convenient and it takes too much time. Look at front-loaders: they will spray fresh water on the clothes while the drum is turning. As there is no agitator in front-loaders there is plenty of space for dirty clothes.

Besides, not too much water is left in your clothes and that gives a good opportunity for laundry to dry faster. It saves energy as well.


Many front-loaders are stacked with dryers. You can never see this in top-loaders with exception of several new models. If the space of your washroom is important, you should better choose a front-loading washing machine.


It is an open secret that agitators can’t any good to your clothes. As gravity is working in a front-loader you will be able to save your laundry that will expand the life of your clothes. Again you can witness that the front-loading washing machines are much better than their analogs among top-loaders.


In terms of of the price front-loading washing machines have disadvantage. They cost pretty penny: around 700 dollars. Of course this outlay will be paid for energy costs, long run. But if you can’t afford to buy such washer you have to deal with traditional top-loaders.

Machines for those who forget

Have you ever come across such situation when you tossed just found blanket or pair of socks into the washer though it has already started washing process? Of course with front-loader you can’t do that. Once you push the start button there is no way back. The door won’t be opened until the process is over. However, there are several modifications which allow you to toss your socks in the last seconds. But when time is up you have to wait till the best loading.

What detergents are used?

Using washing machine, obviously, you can use apply any laundry detergent you have. If we’re speaking about top-loading washing machine the choice of detergents can’t be so rich. It depends on the manufacturer. Mostly they uselow-sudsing detergents of high efficiency. Now they have become more popular.

From the view point of conservation front-loaders are winners because they save water, energy, money because you don’t have to bother yourself with any kind of repairing of your washing machine.

The main drawback is the initial price of washing machines. You can buy front-loader for 700-800 dollars while for top-loader you’ll have to pay just 350 dollars. It is a very significant difference as we can see.

Notable changes

Time goes by and it is obvious that washing machines have undertaken some notable changes. What are they?

  • High efficiency washing machines are presented either by front-loaders or top-loaders. Besides, some modifications have advanced spin circles. It results in less time which is needed now for drying.
  • When front-loaders were first introduced to the public their prices were too high. Together with competition more affordable prices came. That’s why plenty of people can buy these washing machines nowadays.
  • Those people who sometimes forget something and add laundry in the last minutes will be glad to use such front-loaders which have pause button. Those who still like top-loaders will be happy to use a safety feature which will lock the lid during the whole washing process.
  • You will want to take into your consideration such aspect as level of care which actually differs from top-loaders to front-loaders.

If you are still not sure which washing machine to prefer you should read some information in Internet, take advise from consultants in special retail centers and make up your mind.

Make sure that your washing machine will be really helpful for you and will fulfill all your hopes for such household technique. Buying a washing machine is an investment and this investment must be profitable. There is one more detail to be remembered: the high price doesn’t obligatory mean that the quality of washing and drying will be perfect. Therefore it is better not to choose a washer according to its price but according to its technical characteristics. You must use all the potential of your washer to male your clothes and house clean and fresh.

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