Electricity usage of Stoves

Electricity consumption is an important parameter of choosing induction or electric stove. It defines how quick meal will be prepared. It is very conveniently if a device warms up in few seconds and cools down alike. But such convenience has a reverse: it is electricity consumption of electric or induction cooktop. So it is actual question: how to choose the best option?

Electricity usage of Stoves

What power do stoves have?

Modern hob may have power of 3-10 kW. This value depends on number of hotplates and their overall performance. As usual a plate has four hotplates of different diameters. The largest has a power of 3 kW – it is the most productive one. Two others have average efficiency (1.5 kW), and the power of the last one is about 1 kW. All of them can be adjusted.

Some stoves have 6 hotplates with a different form. There not only a power can be adjusted but also a size. Each circuit warms up independently, so it allows using dishes of a different diameter.

Hotplate types and their efficiency:

  • The smallest round (about 0.4-1 kW) designed for coffee or preparing porridge for children.
  • Largest hotplates designed for large dishes.
  • Rapid heating hotplates are most powerful, and they have the largest energy consumption (about 3 kW).
  • Average electrorings are used for cooking meat and vegetables for all family.
  • Some cooktops have hotplates with two circuits, and if it is necessary the diameter of heating zone can be increased. Quite convenient option.

Total electrical capacity of the hob depends of a model, value, and size of hotplates. Of course it is conveniently to use a plate with 4-6 electrorings of a great capacity: they warm up very quickly and can easy cope of cooking meals. However it is necessary to consider capabilities of electrical wiring.

How much kilowatts do you need?

Very often people buy devices with a great power consumption that their electrical wiring cannot withstand. So it has to be changed. Also there is another way: to choose a stove with low power consumption to the prejudice of efficiency.

If it is old electrical wiring, it cannot withstand the capacity of  6-8 kW. So it is optimally to choose a hob with electricity consumption no more then 3-4 kW. You should also consider the power of other devices in your home not to overload circuit.

Remember: choosing a hob is a very responsible business, because safety of all family members depends on it.

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