Drip coffee maker or french press: what’s better to choose?

French press is one of the easiest to use devices among existing kinds of coffee makers, but, despite this, when used properly, you can get a delicious and aromatic coffee. So what is french press coffee maker?

It represents a coffee pot, the body of which is a narrow cylindrical container made of resistant glass. Inside its body there is a piston with a metal mesh filter on the bottom. It adheres to the walls of the container and presses the ground coffee.

french press

The process of making coffee in such a coffee maker is extremely simple: coffee powder is poured on the bottom, than poured with water and covered with a lid with a raised piston. It must infuse for 5 minutes. Thereafter, the piston goes down smoothly, holding the coffee grounds to the bottom of the coffee maker. In such a way a well infused and filtered coffee is brewed.

Before brewing it is better to rinse the pot with hot water. So water will not spend “its power” to heat capacity during brewing.

Drip coffee maker or french press: pros and cons of each device

French press is quite simple and cheap device, and these are the main advantages. However, this type of coffee machines has its disadvantages:

  • Firstly, brewing process isn’t automatically. You cannot just press a button and to get a flavor drink. Full brewing process needs human action, unlike drip coffee makers;
  • Second, if you need to prepare cappuccino or espresso, this type of coffee machine will not help. Coffee brewed in a french press coffee maker, tastes like a beverage made in a drip coffee maker.
  • Third, due to the complete lack of automation, user have to brew coffee immediately before drinking, because there is no way to program the timer on or turn auto heating.

Drip coffee is better because of its automation. You press the button and it begins to prepare the drink. However, there is absolutely no difference between them in a taste of the beverage.

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