Dishwasher options and cycles

Dishwasher options

A wide range of dishwashers can satisfy needs of any client. Modern models are able to regulate the amount of incoming water and consumption of cleaning agents. Some models are equipped with a function control washing time and temperature regulation. The most expensive dishwashers can even evaluate the quality of washed dishes.

Dishwasher options and cycles

Choose the right cleaning mode before beginning a wash cycle; make sure you select the correct temperature range. If you loaded dishes, which recommended washing at different temperatures, it is advisable to choose a gentle low-temperature washing mode.

Most standard washing mode is versatile and is suitable for any dishes (except made of a brittle material). Find this mode is easy, usually it is on the panel of technique. Some manufacturers call this mode “Eco”, “Economy” or “Eco-Mode”. It is used even for very soiled dishes.

There are different dishwasher options and cycles such as quick wash cycle, dishwasher dry cycle, auto clean, delay wash, half load, plate warmer. But usually for home using only few go them are more then enough. If you select optimal mode, the dishwasher will automatically detect how much contaminated utensils, estimate the amount of loaded dishes, and select the desired mode. Typically, the entire process (preliminary and main wash, rinsing, drying) takes about 1-1.5 hours. Temperature in the range of 50-60°C. Remember, that different manufacturers have different standard operating parameters.

How to select the right dishwasher detergent

Now it’s time to talk about washing detergents. Firstly, and very important, you can use only and only special detergents for the dishwasher. Using of inappropriate detergents will destroy your device.

The modern market offers a great variety of washing detergents for the dishwasher, but all the funds can be classified as follows:

  1. Main detergent;
  2. Rinse dish;
  3. Regenerating salt for the water softener.

If you use a dishwashing detergent that contains enzymes, the ideal will be mode “bio”.

In this case, the dishwasher starts to supply water only with certain temperature, which is best suited for the dissolution of components dishwasher detergent. The only difference between this mode by default is the water temperature.

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