Differences between split system and window air conditioner

All air conditioners are subdivided into two main classes. It’s a monoblock, consisting of one building block and a split system that includes two or more blocks.

Depending on the place of installation and subsequent operation, monoblock air conditioners come in windowing or portable. Split systems are also divided into several types: wall, floor, floor-ceiling, cassette and others. But, most often, the consumer has to choose only from two options: monoblock window or wall air-conditioner. So what are their difference?

window air conditioner

window air conditioner

Window air conditioners are very popular, primarily due to low price. If you have limited budget, the alternative does not exist. Easy installation, easy operation and exhaust venting system are also important reasons for considering of installing window air conditioners. These conditioners can be assembled not only in the window, but also in the wall if it is thin.

There are simpler models, among the relatively low cost of window options, which only cool the air and the more expensive and complicated with additional features: air heating mode, remote control, timer, color display. Some manufacturers supply their equipment and even protection against misuse. On the market there are window air conditioners with capacity varying from 1.5 kW to 6 kW.

If we consider the disadvantages of such devices, the biggest one is the higher noise level. And it also covers some part of the window that is bad for the room lighting.

If you are not afraid of such prospects, you can purchase this device. By making a purchase, it should be calculated to the width of the device was definitely smaller than the width of the window opening. In the case where you have the window frames made of aluminium or PVC, the installation more expensive due to the complexity of the work.

About split systems

split system

split system

Split system has more advantages as it consists of one external or more indoor units. If there are two or more indoor units the system is called multi-split. External and internal blocks are interconnected with copper pipes and electrical wires. Through this structure, all processes take place in noisy outdoor unit, located on the street. And the indoor unit works almost silently. Conditioning systems also have different power – from 2 kW to 7 kW, which allows the living space to cool from 15 to 70 square meters. Most of split air conditioners have additional features, such as automatic temperature control, deodorant and antibacterial filters, “night” mode, eliminating excess humidity and others.

Most of the air-conditioning is operating at temperatures not below minus 4-5 degrees Celsius. There are more advanced (and more expensive) split-system, operating in the temperature range from minus 25 to plus 52 degrees Celsius. Although, in principle, any air conditioner can be equipped for the winter. Also the most expensive device provides protection in case of failures in the power supply, which is very important for a complex and delicate device.

As you can see, a split system is not a cheap pleasure, but it has many advantages over the window air conditioner. It is remote control with a variety of modes, and virtually silent operation and the most important thing you always can choose place of installation of the device in the room. Therefore, if possible, better to buy a wall split system that provides greater comfort.

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