Differences between slow cooker and pressure cooker

Nowadays our life is more faster and faster. It seems that free time is becoming less and less and only more responsibilities. We are counting each minute, and of course we do not want to spend it on home routine. As a result, we are in rush. No time to cook breakfast or lunch? You can snack with fast food. But unfortunately all this snacks can inevitably affect to our health.


Fortunately, modern technologies make work in the kitchen easier. It reduces and cooking time. Just press a few buttons, with other functions device will cope on their own. Moreover, cooked food this way obtained healthier, by reducing heat treatment time most of the vitamins and minerals in foods preserved.

The only question is which device to choose. For example, a pressure cooker or slow cooker: both look equally attractive and comfortable. In order not to clutter your kitchen, it necessary to understand difference between a pressure cooker slow cooker and find out advantages and disadvantages of these devices.

The meaning of slow cooker and pressure cooker

Is a slow cooker the same as a pressure cooker? We definitely would say no. A pressure cooker is hermetically sealed pot in which food is prepared under high pressure. Unlike slow cooker, pressure cooker has a special valve for release of steam, which must be opened after the end of work.


Slow cooker is a pan with electronic control, which can cook as well as stew, bake, fry, steam and deep-fry, making yogurt and jam. But the difference between slow cooker and pressure cooker does not end here.


Detailed differences between slow cooker and pressure cooker

  • Pressure cooker only cooks and stew, slow cooker is multifunctional.
  • In the pressure cooker dishes are cooked very quickly because of the high pressure with which the water boiling temperature exceeds 100 ° C, so that meat soup is boiled for half an hour, potatoes for 8 minutes, and the most tough meat becomes soft after 30 minutes. Slow cooker prepares soup for two hours, and other dishes reach readiness slower due to stewing at a low temperature.
  • Short-term heat treatment in a pressure cooker preserves the natural color of the products due to the lack of oxygen, and a long stewing of food in slow cooker saves all the vitamins and minerals, receiving dishes with extraordinary taste and aroma. Preparation in slow cooker requires a minimal amount of fat, so the dishes are low-calorie.
  • Slow cooker can be opened during operation to check the readiness of products or add the necessary ingredients, and the pressure cooker can’t be opened because of the valve, so before close the lid you need to make sure you put everything.
  • Slow cooker is compact, therefore fits perfectly in any kitchen, and huge pressure cooker take up much space, so is not suitable for everyone.
  • Pressure cooker due to hot steam can not be considered as safe kitchen appliance while slow cooker can use even children, because coverage of device is not heated.
  • The possibility to use timer with delayed start in slow cooker allows you to cook any dish in a specific time while pressure cooker does not have such option. Agree that it’s nice to wake up in the morning and enjoy the hot porridge for breakfast, not warm up yesterday’s meal.

What types of slow cooker and pressure cookers exist?


What kind of appliance can easy cope with own responsibilities, as a rule it is easy to understand, in practice, during the operation of device. The differences in models depend on the functional, the more complex filling and a variety of options, the better and more expensive device.

Slow cooker has following programs: buckwheat, milk porridge, risotto, soup, cooking, stewing, steaming, baking, paste, dough, yogurt, cereal, pizza, dessert, pasteurization, conservation, heating and heating of baby food. Among the additional features, worth noting, the programming of the cooking time, protection of switching without bowls, three cooking modes (fast, slow and low) and the function of “a small amount”, through which you can quickly cook meal for one person. The package also includes a variety of accessories: shovel for mixing dish, measuring cup, a soupspoon and a bowl for steaming.

Pressure cookers are electrical and mechanical: the first one works from the electrical circuit, and the second, made of aluminium or steel and used as the usual pan, which should be put on the stove. However, it worth noting that aluminium device does not contact well with the induction or vitro ceramic cooking hobs and can leave stains on the cooking surface. Mechanical steel appliances from steel or alloys, which can be used for any cooking stoves equipped with lid locking system, the pressure selection option and other know-how.

The main difference between slow cooker and pressure cooker is that the combined variant combines the functions of both devices, and you can decide whether you cook the soup under high pressure for half an hour, or to languish dish and reach up to readiness for a few hours. In many modern models of electrical pressure cookers are up to 70 programs, including frying with open lid and popcorn. The only big disadvantage of this technology – the high cost!

Thus, by comparing the difference between pressure cooker and slow cooker, finding pros and cons, it is easy to discover what’s better to chose pressure cooker or slow cooker? In the first case it is a great speed, the second is a rich functionality. And here everyone chooses what to prefer, guided by his or her own habits and needs.

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