Differences between blenders and hand mixers

“Mixer” and “blender” – words of English origin, and they both mean the mixing process. Then why these two kitchen appliances are called differently? Is there really a significant difference between them, or it is just a publicity stunt that allows to sell both devices with the same functions to the same¬†buyer? Is it better to have at the kitchen something one?

To answer these questions it is necessary to understand the construction of blenders and mixers.

Differences between blenders and hand mixers

Differences between mixer and blender

The main purpose of the mixer – mixing and whipping. The basic working element of the device – a pair of beaters made of durable metal that can easily and quickly turn egg whites or heavy cream into the gentle foam.

Mixer beaters whipped cream, homemade mayonnaise, egg mass, not too stiff dough. For heavier mixtures there are hooks made of thick wire or steel bars. But for heavy dough mixing not only special nozzles needed, but also sufficient engine power.

mixer with nozzles

Mixer more effectively mix and whisk convenience food, and it is the main distinction.

The main task of the blender – to grind and mix. The main element – sharp steel blades rotating at high speed. Knife system transform products in gentle sauce, grinds nuts, chops vegetables for salad. High-end models have some features such as an ice chopping. So blender is able to convert a mixture of ice cubes, milk and fruits into a refreshing drink in a few seconds.

Hand blender without wires

Hand blender without wires

In the table you can clearly see processes that are better performed by mixers and blenders.

Task Stationary blender Immersion blender Mixer
Grind the soup ++ +
Grind the nuts + ++
Grind breadcrumbs + ++
Grind ice ++ +
Mix cocktail ++ + +
Mix cocktail with ice ++ +
Beat the egg into a lather + ++
Shake up mayonnaise + ++
Knead the dough for pancakes + + ++
Knead the dough for cakes ++

How to extend the functionality?

Many models of mixers and blenders are equipped with additional nozzles, which allow to expand the list of available functions. A hand mixer can be used as a small hand blender with a special nozzle. As for blenders, they can be used with  corolla-nozzles that allows to fluff not viscous products. But blenders cannot effectively knead stiff dough for pies.

mixer with nozzles

mixer with nozzles

Typically, food processors have special nozzles that provided functions of blenders, mixers, and even grinders . However, versatility is always means the power and quality loss of each individual process.

Ideally you should choose the high-quality device of each type. But usually hostess choose only one appliance that they use more often. Combine different multi-functionality, but each individual feature a special device still performs better. Combine differs with its functionality, but a special device performs better each individual function.

What to choose?

If you often bake cakes, muffins, biscuits, meringues and cakes, you need to choose a good mixer. It can easy beat up cream, egg whites and transform it into a lush lather. Also it can mix a tasty milkshake. With such a device you will be able to cook the air creams, homemade mayonnaise, batter for pancakes and fritters.

Blender is needed if you are a fan of fresh vegetable purees and smoothies. It is also useful when cooking soup, mashed potatoes, baby food, shredder products. If there is a corolla in the kit, the device can partially surrogate a mixer: with such a nozzle it can shake up eggs or cocktail.

Newer buy cheapest low-power models. It will be a waste of your money. Cheap low-power devices cannot cope even with whipping eggs, not to mention the more serious tasks. In addition, cheap materials are used in low-cost models that cannot be completely safe for health. As a rule, cheap kitchen appliances are imported from China.

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