Cleaning the air conditioner

As everyone knows, a clogged air conditioner not only does not work properly, but also becomes a source of mold and bacteria. Your device must be regularly cleaned out of dirt. Here we will tell you if it is difficult and you have to call the experts or it is possible to cope on your own.

Cleaning the air conditioner with your own hands is a very simple procedure, even if you are not really understand the technologies and would prefer to be keep out of them.

It is recommended to clean AC once in a month, but if air at home very dirty or someone suffer from dust allergies you should clean device 1-2 times in a week.

What happens if you do not clean filters

If you can’t clean AC with your own hands and don’t want to use the services of specialized centers, you should be ready for the following consequences:

  • air stops cool properly;
  • the indoor unit can be poorly ventilated;
  • cooling system starts to work improperly;
  • dirty drainage system;
  • cleaning of device will be difficult, as on the filter settles too much dirt.

In the end your conditioner will be perfect environment for mites and molds and system will smell bad.

That’s why it is much easier to clean your unit on time to avoid all consequences.

How to clean the filters?

How to clean the filters

Cleaning air conditioning filters it is very simple procedure which is quite possible to make with your own hands. Of course, different models have their own characteristics, but most devices are the same. If you want to clean filters, you should follow the instruction, but if there is no manual, you can use our tips:

  • carefully open the top cover of the indoor unit;
  • remove the air filter;
  • if there are not much dust, you can clean with a vacuum cleaner;
  • if dirt turned into a crust and does not leave, you can gently wash the filter under running water. Just do not rub it too much and do not use any household chemicals;
  • dry filter;
  • turn on the AC in Fan mode and spray into the air intake area special means for cleaning and disinfection of air;
  • wipe blinds with a damp cloth or wash them under running water;
  • reassemble the appliance.

Important:  It is not allowed to wash air-disposable filter against odors and harmful micro-organisms they need to be replaced only.
Cleaning a window AC unit (video)

How to Clean heat exchanger?

To clean the heat exchanger in air conditioner, you can use a vacuum cleaner. But sometimes dirt accumulates so much that cleaning is only possible with a special steam cleaner. We are not recommend you to do it with your hands, as there is a risk of damage to internal components. Heat exchanger typically located under cover or behind filter (in case of double air purification system).

How to clean the outer unit?

Unfortunately, the most difficult is to clean external power. But it should be done only once a year. If the air conditioner is located not too high and you’re easy to reach it out, then you can do without professionals:

  • carefully remove the protective grille of air conditioner;
  • vacuum removed grille and interior of the block;
  • reassemble the appliance.

If you live on the upper floors, the self-cleaning of the outdoor unit is not recommended, it is better to call specialist and do not risk your own health.

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