Cleaning pressure and slow cooker

Cleaning of kitchen is very important, because all kitchen appliances and surfaces must be absolutely clean, in order to protect the food from excess bacteria. It is especially important to clean those kitchen utensils in which you are cooking food. So, here we will tell you how to clean a slow cooker, also known as a Crock-Pot and Pressure cooker and individual parts of units and what you should do first.

In this article, we pay more attention to cleaning slow cooker, as procedure of cleaning pressure cooker almost the same.


Choosing detergents

First of all no need to use any cleaning abrasive pastes and powders.Be ensure that sponge or soapy cloth should in no way be rigid. This precaution will protect your device from damage. The case of the unit can be cleaned only with warm water and dishwashing gel.

Cleaning the inside bowl of slow cooker

Before cleaning a bowl, always remember, to cool it down, and do not use any hard or metal brushes that can leave a scratch which will stay forever. Make sure every time after cooking, you wash the cooking bowl and wipe it dry to avoid appearing of mold and bacterias. Let’s have a look how to wash slow cooker inside, depending on the type of coverage.

Teflon coating


There is one disadvantage of Teflon coating, if it will be scratched one time, it is already completely spoiled. Therefore, it is necessary to use soft detergents. Some people wash bowl in dishwasher, but not all manufacturers recommend to clean the product so as not to scratch.

Remember that a material such as Teflon, does not like extreme changes in temperature. Therefore, after using slow cooker let it cool down, and only then proceed to washing up.

To reduce time of cooling down you can take out the bowl from Crock-pot and set aside. To remove an unpleasant smell from the bowl, especially if the food was burnt, add 2 drops of lemon juice into soap solution. And in order to avoid the appearance of scum, you should boil slice of lemon for 10 minutes several times in a month, using mode “steam”.

Ceramic coating

Pottery is very sensitive, try to avoid impact on the bowl, and falling device down. For cleaning, do not use dishwasher, it is better to carry out work with your own hands. To clean the corrugated bottom, use a soft sponge.

Many housewives think that ceramics can be cleaned with baked soda. But it is a mistake as utensils will start todeteriorate slowly. It is best to use a high quality dishwashing detergent that can quickly dissolve fat in the bowl. Do not save on detergent – bowl of slow cooker deteriorates faster than the other parts, and therefore special care must be appropriate for your device.

Do not forget that slow cooker is electric appliance, therefore never immerse it under water. And always unplug the appliance before cleaning.

Cleaning the exterior

Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t control sudden outflow of fluid from the bowl during cooking. You can remove fat droplets and other contaminants from surface with soft, damp napkin – just wipe the case, and then wipe it dry.

Cleaning the cover of Crock-pot

Carefully uncover, wash it well with detergent, using a soft microfibre cloth or a simple cotton. Then carefully wipe it to remove all moisture and set back.

There are some models with fixed covers. Clean such a device will be quite difficult, it requires some skills and a bit more time. First of all, use mode “steam”, than fill bowl with 200 ml of water, add a thick slice of lemon and turn on device for 10 minutes. After, wrap the exterior in a rugged bag, leaving cover slightly open and lean the device aside. Begin to wipe the cover with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water. Thus, you will achieve the desired result.

Clean the bottom

Sometimes spills and splashes can accidentally reach the bottom of appliance. Wipe underneath the appliance using a toothpick to get rid of small crumbs, that can leave small scratches on the surface.

How to clean burnt food from Crock-pot

Sometimes it is happening that your meal leave some burnt food on the bowl. Don’t worry, you can easily clean it. To remove burnt food from Crock pot, you need just baked soda it depends on degree of contamination of your device .

But first let’s try to do it just using water and cook it for few hours. If it doesn’t help, the first one who comes to aid is soda. Just add a few tablespoons of baking soda and put device on setting Low. After few hours pour water out and wipe it with cotton napkin.

So, basically all this tips should help you to clean your Slow cooker

Always choose detergents that are well rinsed off with plain water, and ensure that exterior and interior of appliance has no of detergent residues as slow cooker intended for cooking. Food and chemistry are inconsistent.

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