Cleaning gas stove burners

The problem of cleaning gas stove and its burners is always arises in every home, where such a device is installed. But everyone solves this problem in his own. Some people try to clean it themselves, the others ask for help of the gasman. In general, the problem is commonplace, but as you read this article we’ll try to describe the process.

How do you know your gas stove should be cleaned?

  • The flame became small and “weak”;
  • The flame in the burner constantly changes color and shade;
  • Sometimes you can find the grime on the dishes;
  • All taken together.

If it is so the problem is really in the burners pollution.  In general, the procedure for cleaning and inspection of our home “assistant” should be carried out at least once a year or even often. Any appliance requires not only careful operation but also the competent maintenance.

To clean the plate, first we need to remove the top cover – plate. It can be removed in different ways (depending on the model), but the procedure is very simple.

cleaning gas stove burnersFirst of all you need to clean up garbage and oily coating on the inner surfaces of the plate and clean the tube. Then screw the threaded joints on the pipes and the frame of the stove. If you noticed the gas smell when cleaning it is better to change gaskets on the joints – they are cheap, and the additional security will not be superfluous. Moreover, there is nothing complicated – you must just unscrew the screw-nut on the connection, pull out the old gaskets and install new ones. Of course tighten everything back after all.

The next and perhaps most important stage will be cleaning nozzles of the stove.

nozzels of stoveTake a piece of thin, soft wire and insert it into the nozzle hole with small right-left  rotations. After you made few rotational motions and felt that the wire in the hole began to spin easily, turn on the gas stove without pulling out the wire. The point is that the gas pressure will not allow the nozzle to close at this moment.
Don’t try to clean the nozzles with  rigid steel wire or with a needle. The nozzle is made of soft metal and its hole is very important. The larger the hole, the more gas outlet. With a rigid steel wire you can damage the edge of this hole. As a result the burner will roar and the flame will be obliquity. A needle can easily break in the hole, and then you just have to change the nozzle (already had such a dab  experience).

After the cleaning work is done, you can check the quality of cleaning. Insert the burner into the socket, turn on at half a power, ignite and admire the work done. When all the burners are tested and the result is good, close the cover in the reverse order.

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