Cleaning a microwave with lemon acid and vinegar

Microwave soiled during operation. Especially if users don’t clean up leavings of fat and crumbs after the using.  So it is actual question: how to clean microwave with lemon, vinegar, and with other cleaners.

At least there are five methods:

  1. fresh citrus;
  2. lemon acid;
  3. vinegar;
  4. soda;
  5. laundry soap.

The first method is the most pleasant. Except you clean your microwave stove, you will also aromatize the air in the kitchen.  For implementation you need one large citrus or two small ones. Cut them into pieces and put into a plate, than fill it with glass of water. After all put the plate into the chamber of the stove and turn on it in the mode of maximum power.

cleaning a microvawe stove with lemon

Let it work for 10-20 minutes. After the process will end don’t take out the plate immediately, let it stand in the chamber for about 5 minutes.  After that unplug the device from the outlet – it is necessarily. Take a rag and clean all surfaces dry.

By the way, it is not necessary to use whole citrus. You just can use its skins, but first you need to cut them into small chips. Cleaning with lemon or orange skins almost the same as the cleaning with whole citruses. The effect will not be worse.

Lemon acid may easy supersedes fresh citruses. Instead of sliced citrus slices you just put into the chamber of the stove a plate with the solute: 25 grams of lemon acid for 250 ml of water. Such a method of cleaning is effective too, but after end of the process there will not be a fragrance in the kitchen.

But there will be no sharp odor, which occurs if you choose to clean your microwave with vinegar instead of lemon acid. Cleaning a microwave with vinegar and water permissible only if there is a good extract at home. Couples vinegar very effectively destroy dried fat, but they stink and this is the main disadvantage. However, you can clean the microwave in this way if other options are available.

Another method to clean the microwave from contamination – using soda solution. Pour into a container 250 ml of water, stir there baking soda and put it into a chamber. Turn on a stove for 12-20 minutes with high-power mode. Then wipe as in previous versions.

Finally I want to recall about the old, good and reliable laundry soap. The thing that is different in such a graceless brown color and crude smell. Undeservedly forgotten product admirably clean many domestic pollution. To clean the microwave oven with soap just lather it or lather with it soft cloth. Wipe the surfaces inside the microwave oven and leave for a few minutes. Then remove the soap residue with dirt by wiping all surfaces with a damp sponge or towel several times. After drying and first turn-on, perhaps, there will be a slight odor of burning organic. It can happen if you will not good enough remove the soap from the walls.

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