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Basic rules of using a dishwasher

The standard dishwasher has 2 baskets for utensils. The bottom is used for large items: pans,

Dishwasher buying guide

In today’s review we will talk how to choose and what you need to know when

When your dishwasher smells bad

After some time of operation dishwasher, some users complain about the odor inside. In fact, the

Dishwasher options and cycles

A wide range of dishwashers can satisfy needs of any client. Modern models are able to

How to clean household appliances?

Electrical household appliances should be kept clean. Then it will not just look better, but also

Water and electricity consumption of dishwashers

Economical water consumption is not obvious advantage, it seems that the wash a few dishes by

What to look for in a dishwasher while buying?

The famous author of many detective stories, Agatha Christie, used to say, that thoughts about bloody

About dishwasher cycles and programs

Many dishwasher users usually don’t even suspect how necessary it is to pay attention to dishwasher

How to clean a dishwasher with vinegar and soda?

A dishwasher is a real helping hand in every kitchen. Especially if you often have a