Can a fridge work at a low temperature?

Before proceeding to a detailed story about the features of the refrigerators work, it is worth noting that any operating instruction contains the information about usage. It is intended solely for cooling food and products at home. So we can conclude that in addition to room temperature in a closed room conditions of electrical and fire safety should be respected. All other types of use are inadmissible and can lead to damage to the device.


Climatic class – a characteristic which determines the possibility of using the refrigerator at certain temperatures

Earlier we wrote in detail about the climate classes of fridges. Now we repeat a little.

In the technical description of the refrigerator climatic class is always indicated. It regulates the ambient temperature range in which it can be used.

There are 4 climatic classes:

  1. SN – subnormal. For rooms with a temperature range from + 10 ° C to + 32 ° C.
  2. N – normal. Suitable for use at temperatures between + 16 ° C to + 32 ° C.
  3. ST – subtropical. For a tropical climate with temperature ranging from + 16 ° C to +38 ° C.
  4. T – tropical. Designed for use in a tropical climate with temperature ranging from + 16 ° C to + 43 ° C.

If it is likely that the room temperature may fall below the minimum value specified in the climate class, it is better to choose another location for the refrigerator. Otherwise, the device may be break. The fact that at low temperatures the viscosity of the oil increased in the compressor. Therefore the grease of rubbing parts deteriorates and it leads to a rapid wear of the mechanism.

In the case of use a single-circuit refrigerator in an unheated garage the freezer may be impaired. In this arrangement, the temperature change in the cooling chamber leads for a corresponding change in the freezer compartment. Only one measurement sensor installed in the refrigerating chamber for this purpose. And if, for example, the room temperature will be the same as the temperature in the chamber, the electronics will not turn-on cooling compressor. So freezer will start gradually thawed, and it can certainly lead to deterioration of products quality.

When the room temperature is below 18 ° C the efficiency of the freezer in the refrigerator with a single cooling circuit decreases.

However, there are freezers that can be kept in garage and maintain the recommended temperature range. We’re talking about devices with SN climate class.

How to choose a freezer that works in garage?


It’s very simple: you just need to measure the temperature in the garage, and if it is above +10 °C, you may buy any fridge or freezer with SN-climate class. Perhaps, it is possible to prevent deviation of 2 degrees, but no more. Otherwise, the refrigerator will break or as minimum its lifetime will be changed for the worse.

If there is a need to use a fringe or a freezer in the unheated garage… The ideal solution will be heating. Install the heater in the garage, and then the refrigerator will work in a familiar environment.

Another variant – local heating of the compressor and condenser. It eliminates the problem with the launch. It is required for a short time, after which the engine will warm itself. Users use for this heating elements, heaters, “warm mats” for animals from pet stores. There are variants, do not forget about safety.

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