Best smartphones with good cameras

There are many criteria of choice that people use while buying a smartphone. Quality of display is the main parameter for one buyer, another looks at devices hardware (CPU, memory). Cameras capabilities are not important for one user, while another pays much attention to this.

Every smartphone has a camera, but all of them differ from each other. And it doesn’t depend on price – sometimes even expensive devices take really bad pictures. If you don’t want to buy such a smartphone, you must to choose a device very attentively.

Tips for choosing a smartphone with a good camera

Below we present you the rating of budget and expensive models, but first a little about the choice. If you think that the quality of photos and video of any camera is determined only by the number of megapixels, you are greatly mistaken. The number of megapixels determines only the image size – big or not. But even a large image may have poor quality. More importantly the presence of flash, stabilization system, fast autofocus – all these in priority.

When choosing a device at the store, it is desirable to make a small test: take pictures of bright objects and, for example, text. It can help you to determine the color and clarity of the photo.

Smartphone with a good camera rating – from budget to luxury

Our rating is subjective and isn’t 100% correct – remember this. It based on users comment and recalls.

Fly IQ4413 Evo Chic 3 Quad, $110

$110 and this device will be yours. It is great smartphone with a 8 Mp camera that makes really good shots in a 3264*2448 resolution. Everything you need is included: there is a flash and fast autofocus. Sometimes the quality of pictures are better than expected. And considering the cost of a device it the cheapest model in the “good camera” category.

Fly IQ4413 Evo Chic 3 Quad

There is a 2 Mp front-camera too for making selfies and video calls. Smartphone has such a hardware: 4-core CP (1.3 GHz), 1 Gb RAM.

Lenovo S850, $160

Slightly more expensive there is a model Lenovo S850. It has 2 cameras: 13 Mp rear; 5 Mp – front. Rare camera equipped with autofocus, flash, so shoots come out bright and detailed. It is a great software in such a phone, so user can set required settings that he need to make a shot. In fact, this is a pocket camera that can be compared with a sterling high-cost digital camera.

Lenovo S850

What should I say about front camera? It has 5 Mp resolution and it is great. Maybe it’s a record among the front-facing camera, but nothing special about it. The rear camera is mush more important. The hardware of the phone is also good: a 4-core processor, 1 GB of memory, 5-inch high-quality and bright screen, the ability to add an extra SIM card.

LG G3 s D724, $185

Inexpensive smartphone with a great camera and the price of 185 dollars. Perhaps it is one of the best smartphones with the perfect price-quality combination.

LG G3 s D724

Miss the lyrics and proceed directly to the most important: an 8-megapixel camera with a laser focus. What does it mean? In particular, the focus is adjusted in milliseconds, so even dynamic images will be obtained accurate. Sharpness is adjusted well even in the dark. However, the quality of photos isn’t good while sizing.

Next – “internal”: 4-core processor, very high-quality screen, a powerful rechargeable battery and a slot for an extra SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, $500

The appearance of this smartphone allows to make a conclusion: this is a pocket camera. Perhaps, with this phone we move from the “budget” category to “expensive” one.

The manufacturer made an emphasis exclusively on devices camera and then took care of other functions.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom


  1. 10x zoom (any smartphone and even some cameras doesn’t have such a zoom);
  2. 7 Mp resolution;
  3. Powerful flash;
  4. The image stabilizer;
  5. A lot of shooting modes;
  6. “Auto” mode – for those who are too lazy to dig into the settings;
  7. 6-core processor;
  8. 2 GB of RAM;
  9. 8-inch high-quality screen.

Oh yeah, there’s also a front-facing camera, but it is standard (2-megapixel). However, it is not important at all.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, $500

Almost in all conditions the camera of such a smartphone will make great pictures for you. Its resolution is 20.7 Mp. It has a huge number of settings and even a separate launch button for camera. In default settings pictures are taken in automatic mode, but even so the photos are really good.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

The developers have done a very clever device: pro photographer may use a lot of shot modes and parameters for making an author photo. But automatic mode for rest of users is full enough for making simple images.

Maximum resolution – 5248 * 3936, it has autofocus and LED flash. It is difficult to praise this camera: it makes great macro shots, perfectly photographs the text, conveys the color of landscapes. Even in low light conditions the pictures are high quality and correct.

Video is recorded at a speed 30 frames per second (resolution of 3840 * 2160). There is also a front-facing camera, but it is quite standard (2.2 megapixel). Other parametres: sufficiently powerful 4-core processor, 2GB of RAM, waterproof high-quality 4.6-inch screen.

Nokia Lumia 930, $500

For the same price you can buy the well-known Nokia Lumia 930. In fact, Nokia is known for its reliability and indestructibility, but this device can also boast of a great camera.

Nokia Lumia 930

The model is equipped with a 20 megapixel camera, which is activated by a separate button, it has an optical stabilization, autofocus and dual LED flash. Photos are made instantly, and also there are plenty of options for manual photography.

Color reproduction, sharpness and shadow – everything is fine.There is also the opportunity of photographing in RAW mode, which allows to apply any corrections in future. There is nothing to say about the front-facing camera (1.3 MP).

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro, $500

This is the third smartphone worth $500 with an excellent performance, in particular, excellent camera. According to the manufacturer, such a device has a professional camera: it has 16 Mp resolution, flash, autofocus and optical stabilization.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro

As expected, there are 2 modes: automatic and manual. First mode offers a lot of settings, so it is suitable for creation creative shots. If not configured properly photos will be ugly, such mode isn’t for all. But the other mode is suitable for everyone; you just press a button and smart appliance will make everything. As a result you’ll get a perfect shot.

A camera can records nice video too, but very few people are interested. It’s resolution 3440 * 2160. It’s front 5-megapixel camera takes good pictures too, but nothing special about it.

Features: special attention should be given to the capacity of the battery (4000 mAh) – with a normal use it will keep for 2-3 days. Sufficiently large 6-inch screen, a processor with 4 cores and a frequency of 2.5 GHz, 3 GB of RAM. All this for $ 500 seems incredible, but that is the reality. This is a very powerful smartphone with a gorgeous camera.

Samsung GALAXY Note 4, $700

Samsung GALAXY Note 4 – is a powerful smartphone with a good camera: 16 megapixels, optical stabilization, autofocus. In fact, quite a standard features, but results surpass all expectations. The quality of photos that made with Samsung GALAXY Note 4 are so great that surpasses even the pictures made on expensive shoot cameras.

The camera settings are very extensive – сreative people will appreciate it. For all other there is an automatic mode. The front camera (for selfie) is also good: 3.7 megapixels, it has by default a system that automatically improves the picture and eliminates small defects of the skin.

Remember: no matter how good a camera you smartphone equipped with, it always will be far from the cheapest reflex camera.

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