Best cheap televisions with a 40-42 inch screens

We can see a lot of TVs with 40-inch screens on sale made by different brands, represented in a wide range of prices. Find a high-quality expensive panel – not a problem, but to find among them a good budget model is not easy. In this review we show the best TVs with a diagonal of 40 inches (and above) and at a low price. The rating is subjective and based on customer feedback.

1 place – Samsung UE40M5000AU ($310)

The South Korean brand offers an expensive and budgetary solutions. One of the latest is the model UE40M5000AU with a diagonal of 40 inches.


  • 40 inches diagonal.
  • Resolution – 1920×1080 (Full HD).
  • Edge LED backlight.
  • Viewing angles – 178 degrees.
  • Sound – 2 speakers of 10 W each, surround sound, decoder – Dolby Digital.
  • 2 independent tuners allow to display a picture in a picture.
  • USB, HDMI interfaces are included.

The TV got a high-quality VA-matrix with wide viewing angles and Full HD resolution, which at a diagonal of 40 inches gives a sufficiently high pixel density. The picture on the screen is detailed, saturated and accurate. The model is able to read most popular formats, so there will be no problems to run content from the flash drive.

There are complaints from users about blurry analog TV channels, but this is normal given the high resolution of the matrix and the low resolution of the analog signal. At the moment, Samsung UE40M5000AU TV is the cheapest solution among models with a diagonal of 40 inches. The device easy play Full HD content without problems. There is no Smart TV (otherwise it would not be so cheap), but any content from the Internet can easily be played back with Gooogle ChromeCast. We recommend the device first.

2nd place – LG 43LJ519V ($310)

The second place gets a screen from LG – 43LJ519V model with a diagonal of 43 inches and Full HD-resolution. It also uses LED-backlighting without explicit light, high-quality sound and progressive scan. The model came out in 2017 and has already managed to gather positive feedback.

As in the previous TV, this device also has 2 independent TV tuners, HDMI and USB interfaces, support of popular video and audio formats. The advantages are obvious: reliable brand, high quality of assembly and detailed picture with exact colors.

Disadvantages: low refresh rate (50 Hz), which makes the movements in games sharp, but the TV is poorly suited for games. The viewing angles are also not the maximum – if you look at the screen at an angle of 45 degrees and higher, the colors are slightly distorted. Note that there are individual reviews with a claim for poor build quality and an uncomfortable TV-set.

Disadvantages are tolerable – they are leveled by the cost of the TV. This is a simple “workhorse” that trivially displays the picture in high resolution and with the exact colors – it handles perfectly with this work.

3rd place – Philips 40PFT4101 ($300)


Another model made by Philips and also worth $300. The characteristics of screen are standard for this price range – they repeat the parameters of the previous ones in the TV rating.

  • The resolution is 1920×1080.
  • The refresh rate is 50 Hz.
  • The brightness is 200 cd / m2.
  • Speakers with a power of 8 watts (in the amount of 16 watts).
  • USB, HDMI interfaces are included.

Almost all buyers are satisfied due to a quality picture, excellent build and appearance, the ability to play most popular formats from a flash drive. For its price this si an excellent TV, which we strongly recommend.


  • Inconvenient small buttons on the remote.
  • There is a slight delay when switching channels. It indicates a weak hardware and poor software optimization.
  • Glare on the screen when front sunlight
  • Backlight brightness is only 200 cd / m2. This will not be enough in a sunny room.

The model is one of the best, but due to the smaller number of positive reviews, we assign it the third position.

4 place – Hyundai H-LED43F402BS2 ($260-275)

Very few people know, but the large South Korean concern Hyundai produces not only cars, but also other equipment, including TVs. The H-LED43F402BS2 belongs to the economy class, but its characteristics are impressive.

  • IPS-screen (previous models use PVA-matrix) with a resolution of FullHD (1920 × 1080).
  • LED lights.
  • The refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  • The brightness is 230 cd / m2.
  • Contrast ratio is 4000: 1.
  • The angle of view is 178 degrees.
  • The pixel response is 8 ms.
  • Two speakers of 8 watts each.
  • HDMI, USB-interfaces.
  • Playing popular video and audio formats.
  • 2 independent tuners.

The price, diagonal, picture quality and good matrix are the main advantages of the TV. This is a simple device without Smart TV and enhanced functionality, it hasn’t sophisticated technologies (as HDR), so its price is low. The image on the screen is good, but there is no crystal clearness. As for the sound, it isn’t good, so it is desirable to use an external audio system.

5 place – Haier LE40U5000TF ($275-290)

Chinese brand Haier also offers budget TVs with a diagonal of 40 inches. The model LE40U5000TF received Full HD resolution, LED backlight and refresh rate – 60 Hz.

Other parameters:

  • The brightness is 250 cd / m2.
  • Contrast ratio (dynamic) – 4000000: 1.
  • 2 dynamics with a total power of 16 watts.
  • Playing MP3, MPEG formats. Most of the movies on the flash card can not be played.
  • Independent TV-tuner.
  • USB, HDMI.

The TV received good reviews, as it demonstrates an excellent picture at high resolution. The sound is not bad, so an inexperienced user does not have to buy external acoustics. The TV accepts digital channels on DVB-T2, it does not lags and easycopes with its task. The only thing is that it doesn’t read many popular formats from a flash drive (for example, video with an extension of .mkv will not be played).

For $275-290 this is quite a normal device with a standard features.

6-10 places

As you already guessed, you will have to choose a model with approximately the same characteristics. An important criterion of choice – assembly and reliability, so take into account customers feedbacks first.

Other budget TVs, which took 6-10 seats, are listed below:

  1. Shivaki STV-40LED14 ($260-275)
  2. LG 43LJ510V ($300)
  3. Philips 43PFT4001 ($280-295)
  4. TELEFUNKEN TF-LED42S39T2S ($260-275)
  5. BBK 42LEM-1026 / FTS2C ($270-280)

Rating is subjective as it based on the feedback of customers.

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