Average life of kitchen appliances


Quite a topical issue in recent years – an average appliance life. Of course, it is impossible to determine exactly how many years will a refrigerator or, for example, a washing machine work, but we can come to mean values, which are presented in the table.

Appliances Lifetime, years
Fridge 7-10
Washing machine 6-10
Dishwasher 10-13
Air Conditioner 8-12
TV (Plasma) 50000-100000 hours
Computer 4-5
Cooker 8-12
Oven 10-15
Microwave 3-10
Vacuum cleaner 10
Boiler 5-10

Of course the lifetime was identified very approximate, because it is almost impossible to know it exactly. There are much operating conditions according to which appliance may work better or not.

For example, recently we wrote what can happen, if your fridge works in an unheated garage – the  viscosity of the oil is increased in the compressor, and the device may break. Also, the service life of the refrigerator is determined by how often you wash and defrost it. Proper care will increase the life span. Some refrigerators are used for 25 years, while others break down after a year or two.

Regarding the washing machine, its life depends on the quality of the powder you use. Cheap powders may hurt, and then the life of the device will be reduced. Water used for washing is also has an impact on lifetime. And it’s only 2 conditions, but in fact there are a lot of them.

So in fact the service life of household appliances is nothing. This is a real lottery: one device breaks down the next day, and the other one works for a century. Of course, in case of breakage during the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace or repair the unit. But in that case, know that you lost the lottery. Kitchen appliances, which was broken once, necessarily will continue to break down in further. It is not quite logical, but in practice it is.

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