About microwaves danger

Recently we wrote about the principle of microwave working and mentioned there that the microwave oven is safe for human. We adhere this point of view. Physically the microwave oven is safe for human, but if you will ask any nutritionist such a question, he inevitably will prevent you eating food from the microwave oven. It is logical: technically food from the microwave is spoiled (cells are damaged). There is such an opinion.

Some people are afraid of a microwaves emitting and in vain. The device is shielded, so it is not dangerous at all.

microwaves danger

Quality of food

Electromagnetic waves affect on dipoles that are presented in any food. So dipoles are lining up according to the direction of the electromagnetic field. As the electromagnetic field changed with a great frequency, dipoles are moving, and it promotes heat release. Due to this phenomenon food is heated.

There are no any significant changes in the food, because the impact of the microwave radiation affects only the heating of the food. So cooking with microwave is not dangerous. Food can be damaged while heating it above the norm. The same – heating the product – occurs when cooking food on the plate. But unlike cooking on the plate, microwave stove heats food in volume: microwaves penetrate into the products to a depth of about 2.5 centimeters.

Magnetron is the main part of such a device. It is the source of microwaves – it generates them. The antenna of the magnetron emits microwaves that pass through the waveguide into the metal chamber.


The emitting of microwave stoves is not radioactive. The radiation that is harmful to humans has a much greater frequency than that used in microwave ovens. Also there are different types of protection, which don’t allow the microwaves to get outside. Stoves are made in such a way that when the door is closed the waves do not penetrate beyond the furnace chamber; Glass doors necessarily are shielded with the metal mesh. Microwaves do not pass through metal and tend to be reflected by metal objects. For this reason, the microwaves do not leave the area of the inner chamber when the door is closed.

Automation has several special protection circuits that prevent the microwave generator operation when the door is open. Additionally the housing of a stove is closed by the metal shell that is also a protection means against microwaves leakage. All produced microwaves are checked for compliance with the required safety standards.

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