About electricity consumption of the induction cooker

Buying electric stove, consumers pay attention not only on the functionality of the product, but also on how much electricity is consumed during the operation. At present, almost all manufacturers  of household appliances have developed a special sticker containing information on energy consumption.


Classical conventional electric range with heating elements (tubular electric heaters) with a power of 2 kW for 15 minutes, will consume energy equal to: 2 kW ⋅ 0.25 h = 0.5 kW / h. The average cost of one kilowatt is 15 cents. So get 0.5 kW / h x 15 = 7.5 cents – the cost of working of the  electric stove for 15 minutes.

By testing and the values of passport characteristics you can find out how much energy consumes induction cooker. As an example, we will use induction cooker Endever IP-11. With the burner of 2 kW for 15 minutes of work device will consume as much electricity as classical. But there is a significant plus, due to the absence of heat leakage. The efficiency increases to 90%, respectively, the working time is decreased. Another plus in favor of the energy savings that when removing dishes from the stove, the cooking surface is automatically switched off.

Testing of the energy consumption of the classical type plate and induction

Both 4-burner stove, with a power of 3.5 kW. They will heat up tank with 2 liters of water. Pan in the first case is usual with a capacity of 5 liters, without lid, in the second case, a special utensils for induction cookers, also 5 liters, and also without the cover. The initial water temperature is 21 ° C.

Classic Stove – water was boiled in half an hour.

3.5 x 30 minutes / 60 minutes = 1.75 kW / h.

Induction cooker, boiling time was 5.5 minutes.

3.5 x 5.5 m / 60 m = 0.32 kW / h.

This shows that induction cooker really saves electricity due to the minimal heat loss.


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