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Nowadays in the age of technological progress in our kitchen we have many helpers which are greatly simplify our life, especially in a busy working week. One of these assistants may be considered a convection microwave. Not everyone is aware of this mode, which means that not everyone is using it. And in vain! After all, in a microwave oven you can not only warm up and defrost meat dishes (which makes majority of housewives). But also to cook porridge, and even bake biscuits, pies and delicate pastries.

As you guessed, allows you to do it exactly convection mode in microwave. So, in today’s review we will tell you when to use convection mode in microwave.

What is convection?

The phenomenon of convection occurs naturally when heat takes place, during which the internal energy is transmitted in the form of jets and stream (for example, in the formation of clouds). But, in the service of human, it has been undertaken by forced. With convection in different units may move water or air.

Addition of the convection mode in microwave helps to improve the preparation of various dishes. Initial models of furnaces were equipped with only the grill function. It was possible to prepare the most tender chicken with a crispy crust but nothing more.

Microwave with convection can be considered as a full oven. Thanks to embedded fan on the rear panel of the microwave, hot air is forced and circulates inside the working chamber. Of course, these models have a large dimensions, and consume a lot of electricity. But in return you get a perfectly baked meat, fish and pies.

How to choose the right model?

It’s always difficult to make a choice, focusing solely on someone else’s opinion. If you have a huge kitchen with a bunch of built-in appliances including oven, multi-cooker and aerogrill then you probably don’t need a microwave. With the exception of using device for heating or defrosting food.

If you have problem with gas oven, such as burned up pies or dried chicken with bad taste you should purchase a modern stove that combines three functions:

  • microwave
  • grill
  • convection

In high-end models with grill and convection, there are automated programs that include different cuisines of the world. Inexperienced owner have to select the products, put them into a special dish and simply set the desired program, which will select the cooking time, the heating power, and even a combination or sequence modes: microwave, grill or mode with grill and convection.

Choosing a specific model of a microwave, you can view thousands of reviews on forums and consult with several consultants, but the choice is still yours.

How to use the convection mode

If you are using microwave for a long time but only in mode heat up and now finally have purchased a modern and sophisticated oven with convection, then it’s time to get acquainted with the simple rules of use. So, a few tips for beginners:

  1. Prepare only in special containers of heat resistant glass, intended for this kind of microwave oven.
  2. Prepare meals in a small volume. It gives uniform baking.
  3. Use a special stand with a grid (usually, it is bundled with microwave). This stand allows to circulate hot air around the entire amount of food that provides uniform baking.
  4. If you want to get golden brown crust, it is better to use the combined mode with a grill. In addition, this method reduces the cooking process on 15-20 minutes, and will save your time and efforts that is not less valuable.
  5. Before the start of baking meat, fish or cakes it is recommended to heat up the device for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Try different products and modes to delight your family and friends.

Should you buy microwave with convection mode?

If you have an old microwave and you didn’t use it with convection and grill, then it is time to learn new technologies.

The latest achievement is the appearance of a microwave, which combines six ways of cooking: microwave, microwave with steam, grill, microwave with grill, convection, convection and grill.

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