About convection in microwaves

In this age of technological progress the hostess have many helpers in the kitchen. One of these assistants is a convection microwave. Not everyone is aware of this mode, and in vain! Microwaves can not only warm up and defrost meat, but also to cook porridge, and even bake biscuits, pies and delicate pastries. Convection provides such opportunities.

What is convection in microwaves?

Convection provides the circulation of the hot air in the microwave oven. Such function allowed expanding opportunities of the device, which now can cook several of dishes. Initial models were equipped with only the grill function. It was possible to prepare a chicken with a crispy crust but not more.

convection in microwaves

Microwave oven with convection can be considered a full value oven. Hot air circulates inside the working chamber because of embedded fan on the rear panel of the microwave. So it allows cooking perfectly baked meat, fish, pies without burnt or hard crust, as it often happens in a simple oven.

How to use the convection mode?

If before you used a microwave only for heating food and now you have bought a modern device with convection mode, it is time to know main terms of use:

  1. Prepare only with special heat resistant glass dish, designed for this kind of microwave oven;
  2. Don’t try cooking a lot of meals at once, because in this case food couldn’t get baked through.
  3. Use a special grid stand when cooking. Due to such a stand hot air circulates around the dish, so it baked through evenly.
  4. If you want to get ruddy crust, it is better to use the combined mode with grill. Furthermore, such a cooking method reduces preparation time (15-20 minutes).
  5. It is better to heat a heat up a stove chamber for 10-15 minutes before start cooking.
  6. Experiment with different products and regimes to continually joy your family and friends.

Pros and cons of microwaves with convection mode

What are actually the pros and cons of the microwave ovens with grill and convection?

advantages disadvantages
Several modes, the ability to combine different methods of cooking Small volume
Cooks faster – saving time Not all dishes can be used
It retains more nutrients High energy consumption
Automatic control and touch panel Good models are expensive

If you have an old microwave oven or you didn’t use a device with convection and grill, then it is time to learn new technologies.

The last gadget is a device that has 6 modes of cooking:

  1. Microwaves;
  2. Microwaves with steam;
  3. Grill;
  4. Microwaves with frill;
  5. Convection;
  6. Microwaves with convection.

How to choose?

If you don’t like a gas stove it is better to buy modern microwave stove that combines three functions: microwaves, convection, and grill. There can be used quartz heater or PETN – a metal spiral with a heating element located inside. It is set in the upper part of the working chamber and makes it possible to use the grill whenever you want. In some models there is an opportunity to pull it up, let down or even to place at the back wall if it is necessary because of form and size of products that are used.


Quartz heater is a nickel-chromium wire. It fixedly mounted on the top of the chamber, and it is more convenient to use. It doesn’t take up much cameras workspace; it quickly heats up and is much easier to clean.

While choosing a specific model of a microwave oven, of course, you can view thousands of reviews on forums, but the choice is still yours. After all, in high-end models with grill and convection, there are automated programs that include even different recipes. Inexperienced owner will simply select the products, put them into a special dish and set the certain program, which will select the cooking time, the heating power, and even a combination or sequence modes: microwave, grill or mode with grill and convection.

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