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bubble wash in washing machines

Nowadays each of us has the washing machine at home that greatly reduces our time and efforts. Usually we are satisfied with the result and don’t even dream about new features. But progress does not stand still, and the manufacturers are coming up with new methods and ideas of washing, which should make the washing process more cost-effective, simpler and more effective.

Today’s review we’ll dedicate to washing machines with Bubble technology.

This technology was invented many years ago and has become very popular. Why? Now we will try to look into the matter and consider the various applianceswith Bubble technology.

The operating principle of washing machine with Bubble technology

Bubble washing principle is based on bubbles in the water, which are act on the laundry.

Linen is placed in water in the drum of the washing machine, the bottom of which with small holes. During washing the air is supplied there through and form a huge number of small bubbles. These bubbles are the best mechanical action on the laundry, which is washing it out. Bubbles penetrate into the fabric and expel it from contamination. Also bubbles contribute to the better dissolution of detergent, which also affects the washing.

In short, the laundry is washed in water with bubbles. Taking “Jacuzzi” the washing is come out faster and better. The technology is clear, below we will talk about pros and cons of bubble wash in washing machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of washing machine with Bubble technology

It’s time to talk about the advantages of this technology

  • The best quality of washing. As we have already mentioned above, the bubbles affect the fabric, penetrating into it and eliminate contamination. So the quality of washing using such technologies increases. For example, it will be much easier to wash kitchen towels in a washing machine.
  • Economy. Due to the fact that uses Bubble technology, you can wash in cold water with a preservation of the former quality of washing, so the cost of electricity will be reduced.
  • Less consumption of washing powder. As we know, washing powder dissolves better in the machines with Bubble technologies, so you can put less laundry detergent. It is also give saving cost. Also for the machines with such technology, you can use the powder for automatic machines.
  • Linen doesn’t shrink. This technology allows you not to worry anymore, because your clothes won’t shrink after washing.
  • Fabric has less wear. Bubbles form a barrier between the parts of the fabric and between the fabric and the drum, which reduces the wear.

And now it’s time to talk about disadvantages of these washing machines. Fortunately there are not many.

  • It is advisable to use a soft water. Unfortunately, the bubbles form less in hard water, so if you want the highest result, the water should be soft enough
  • Dimensions of machines with bubble technology much bigger. But progress does not stand still, and there are many manufacturers who designed machines special for home, so it are looks like regular washing machine.
  • The cost slightly high. If you want to buy compact and modern appliance of course you have to pay more.

Eco Bubble technology – what does it mean?

What’s ecobubble? It is one of the varieties of bubble washing, which company Samsung has modified and has implemented in their washing machines.

bubble wash

The operating principle of Eco-bubble technology is the generation of bubbles, which are completely, dissolved detergent before washing. Air bubbles penetrate the fabric fibers and provides a deep cleaning of linen, without damaging the product, even delicate fabrics.

One of the functions of Eco Bubble system is energy saving. Through better dissolving powder bubbles and improve the quality of the washing by the use of foam-liquid mixture.

Operation of this system is most effective at low water temperatures.

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